Dental Implants


dental patient smiling
"My Crowns Were Deteriorating and I Needed Implants ."


I’ve been coming here since 2010 and I’ve had 5 implants. It’s just really pleasant. The people here act as they’ve been my friends for a long time but over 10 years, they have become friends. I had crowns that were deteriorating and I wanted to fix them. I have to have implants. I had an implant done in another place before I knew about Dr. Collins, and I had a bad experience when that tooth was removed and so I was glad to be referred to Dr. Collins.

They point out things. They don't just do it. They answer my question but they also volunteer information and tell me what's happening. I like that.

dental patient smiling

Jonas Collins:

Nancy had a bad experience at another surgeon’s office. Really was just looking for a new kind of surgical home if you will. So, when we saw Nancy, we are obviously very nice to her as just the wonderful person she is. But ultimately, what we found out with Nancy was that she needed some pretty extensive treatment. And we looked at that and we were able to come up with a plan for her, to replace, add some missing teeth that she has been in pain with before.


They point out things. They don’t just do it. They answer my question but they also volunteer information and tell me what’s happening. I like that.


We’re able to take her teeth out, put the implants at the same time. She was at very healing and she was able to get teeth on top of that. And now, Nancy is just a super happy patient.


I am grateful to Dr. Collins and he has the expertise to do my implants correctly. So, I’m glad I came here.

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